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Suitable for slitting any kinds of paper, film and tape.


Machine Width : 1.0M-1.8M 

Max. Rewind O.D : 650mm

Rewind Core I.D : 3"-6" 

Max. Unwind O.D : 1200mm 

Min. Slitting Width: 50mm 

Machine Speed: 250M / Min


※Main Motor: Driven by connective 3 A.C motors, 1for web feeding,2 for rewind tension control which automatically increasing toque on the rewind shafts when the finished roll O.D is getting bigger.

※Rewind Drive: Two rewind motors and one main motor form three motors driven, main motor separates rewind material from unwind material, and rewind motor controls tension during operation to make product tension stable.

※Rewind Device: Equipped different shafts to make tension on each roll the same even when the web thickness is not the same.

※Electricity Device: All functions are operated under LCD touch panel control, which is operator friendly and easy for data setting.

※Unwind Bass: Equipped with separated shaft type unwind base, auto web guide and auto unwind tension controller.

Optional Parts

※Unwind Pick-Up Lift: For loading jumbo roll on the machine quickly and time saving.

※Noise Reduction Hood: For attenuating the production sound when the machine is running.

※Trimming unit: Able to choose either connected or separated traverse type winding unit.

※LPC Device: Automatic line position control system can get good cutting product.