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Suitable for slitting any kinds of paper, film and tape.

Machine Width : 1.0M-1.8M  
Max. Rewind O.D : 600mm  
Rewind Core I.D :1.5"- 6"  
Max. Unwind O.D : 1000mm 
Min. Slitting Width: 15mm    
Machine Speed: 300M / Min
※Rewind Drive: Two rewind motors and one main motor form three motors driven, main motor separates rewind material from unwind material, and rewind motor controls tension during operation to make product tension stable.
※Rewind Device: Rewind arm adopts connective air arm to control balance, can adjust touch pressure automatically when rewinding, Touch pressure can set freely. This machine also can use disconnected touch roller to slit any kind of material.
※Electric Control: Control panel with LCD touch screen for setting rewind method and operation condition, Control system is PLC unit with error detective system, which can automatically detect error.
※Output Device: When material outputs, it goes through surface touch roller, which can make materials smoother, and reduce noise. (Esp. for adhesive material).
※Input Device: Machine motor helps input material, which can save time and avoid wasting material.
※Unwind Method: Separated machine base, with big unwind diameter, It has     high possibility to install other device because of enough space. 
Optional Parts
※Unwind Pick-up Lift: For loading jumbo roll on the machine quickly and time saving with hydraulic drive.
※Noise Reduction Hood: Reduce the production noise and make sure working environment safe and high quality.
※Trim Remove Device: Can choose independent or connected method to rewind trim material, or use strong blower for non-adhesive material.
※Web Guide: Suitable for slitting after slitting, can lever at printing line accurately to slit material.